About Lisa Lim . . .

Lisa Lim is both recognized as a professional musician and a well respected music educator. Lisa has been teaching all styles and levels of guitar bass, keyboards and piano since the early '90's. Her students have ranged in all ages from 4 to 80. Lisa puts forth great effort in helping her students meet their individual goals on their instrument. She stresses from day one building a solid foundation to grow from. For each student, the approach is unique. Tailoring to the  students musical interest and taste will determine the techniques and fundamentals of music that will be incorporated and applied in the students lessons. It's important that the learning atmosphere be relaxed and fun. Lisa does her best in providing exactly that! 

Student quotes:

Gaye Adegbalola, Founding Member of Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women and Alligator Recording artist: "Although I've been playing guitar for decades, I've always wanted to play slide. I'd bought teaching videos and had other teachers, but it didn't connect or resonate with me until I had Lisa as a teacher. She was able to explain without being condescending, able to slow it down, but hold my attention. Each week she'd come in with a new lick, a new song, and usually a new tape. She gave beyond the 30 minute session-- She gave immense attention to preparation. That is the sign of an exceptional teacher. Because of Lisa, I have found the passion I've always wanted with my guitar."

Bob Burke: "Lisa is herself a masterful player, and as an instructor she has the ability to connect with her students on their level. She understands the needs of the beginning player as well as the serious student, and knows when to encourage and when to challenge. Plus, she lets you find your own approach to playing. She makes it so much easier to understand the guitar."

Catharina Morris: "Lisa is very knowledgeable and patient in what she does and is able to make lessons comprehensive and enjoyable."

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